Phanteks Enthoo Pro Case Review

We have a highly anticipated chassis from Phanteks and to give a little bit of refresh, their first case ever was Enthoo Primo which was awarded the Case of the Year 2013. The Enthoo Pro is finally rolling out and it will seriously challenge competing full towers as not only we’re seeing excellent feature sets but incredibly attractive price points as well. The windowed version stands at $100 USD while a non-windowed option is $10 dollars less. Aesthetically this actually feels like a Phanteks case with plenty resemblance to the original Enthoo Primo.


Phanteks Enthoo Pro Specifications

Brand Phanteks
Series Enthoo Pro
Model ID PH-ES614P (Window), PH-ES614PC (Non-Window)
Case Specifications
Dimension (W x H x D) 250mm x 580mm x 590mm
Weight 11.9kg (PH-ES614P)
11.4kg (PH-ES614PC)
Form Factor Full Tower Chassis
Material(s) Brushed Plastic, Steel Chassis
Motherboard Compatibility ATX, EATX, mATX, SSI EEB
Front I/O 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, Mic, Headphone
Side Window Yes, with 2 x 120mm fan intakes
Expansion and Drive Bays
Expansion Slots 8
Power Supply Slots 1
External 5.25″ 3
Internal 3.5″ 6 (2 cages x 3 HDD/SSD slots)
Internal 2.5″ 7 (2 cages x 3 HDD/SSD slots + 1 x SSD brackets)
Graphic Card 347mm
472mm (without HDD cages)
CPU Cooler 193mm
Cable Management 27mm
Air Cooling
Front 2 x 120mm / 2 x 140mm / 1 x 200mm (included)
Top 3 x 120mm / 3 x 140mm / 1 x 200mm
Rear 1 x 120mm / 1 x 140mm (included)
Bottom 2 x 120mm / 1 x 140mm (included)
HDD Cage 2 x 120mm
Liquid Cooling
Front 120 (up to 240)
Top 120 (up to 360) / 140 (up to 420)
Rear 120 / 140
Bottom 120 (up to 240) / 140
Warranty 5 years
PSU Cover Available for PH-ES614P
Accessory Manual, zip ties, straps, toolbox containing screws separated in compartments, reservoir bracket for HDD cage

Side Panel

The side panel design is quite unique with a small angler window to showcase the internal logo and the larger portion for the rest of the components. The exterior brushed plastic looks like anodized aluminium and the same type found on Fractal Design cases that look elegant without any significant hit on the cost.

Front Case

Enthoo Pro has three optical drives and you can see that brushed grain looking pretty sweet without the annoying influence of all the fingerprints found on actual aluminum. Behind the IO panel shield, we have 4 USB ports (2 x USB3, 2 x USB2), audio jacks (microphone and headphone) and reset button.

Taking off the panel, you can see there is a large removable dust filter fitted and included is a 200mm fan with appropriate cutouts for sorta unrestricted intake close to 120 and 140mm fan support as well. The front panel also has some side ventilation that helps with total airflow delivery so that’s very much appreciated.

Top Case

Power button is located on top of the case along with large mesh that has a built-in dust filter and overall excellent cooling up top with triple 120mm and 140mm fan mounts so radiators up to 420mm are supported and for this price bracket that is very impressive.

Rear Case

The rear supports 120mm and 140mm exhaust fan slot with height adjustable sliding mount that complement flexibility for top mounted radiators and there is 3 inches of clearance from RAM slots, thick radiators up top are totally possible. There are 8 PCI slots and dedicated reservoir mounting holes for water cooling builds that would suit tube reservoirs very well.

Bottom Case

The Enthoo Pro is elevated quite high with sturdy case feet and 2 independent removable dust filters are located at the bottom making this a full dust proof enclosure. I’m really happy to see no features missed for this $100 USD full tower.

Internal Case

Taking a closer look inside, we get this compartment separation with all the drives access exclusively from the rear that I do prefer. A power supply bracket that is only available with the windowed version. The main chamber with tons of rubber grommets. The power supply bracket is great as it hides all the exiting cables. However it must be removed every time you need access to power supply and it’s not as easy as it should be since 3 screws at the back hold the cover.

There’s a large cutout on the side of the bracket to pass your PCI cables but nothing else on top that the easily incorporate this is the amounts and perhaps even more cutouts. Also has more fans are supported at the bottom. The bracket will consequently blocked the airflow and I think it should have been more open to allow the integration on bottom intake. 2 x 120mm fans can be installed on the drive cage however you must first remove the supporting bracket as it sits on 2 screws so it’s not a big issue and you have yourself some additional airflow.

Now since the Enthoo Pro is so water cooling ready, this supporting bracket is actually used to install included reservoir bracket and that’s really considerate of Phanteks. The bracket has many mount holes for compatibility with different reservoirs. GPUs over 13 inches are supported so installing extra fans on the drive cage is welcome and clearance will depend on the size of a reservoir if you do decide to put one there.

Motherboard Case

Coming around to the back, I’m happy to see their velcro cable management system in place. Phanteks has done the initial routing for you plus there are many cable tie mounts spread around. You get a single SSD bracket that can be relocated to accommodate your preferred cable routing. Enthoo Pro also features a fan hub for six fans that can either be powered and controlled through the 4-pin motherboard connector and for non compatible motherboards the power SATA cable is included just in case. The hub can be also relocated a little further down giving users flexibility depending on how you configure your cable management. There’s an ample of 1.5 inches of space at the rear, plus the ability to tuck some smaller cables underneath the frame, so Enthoo Pro is fully equipped for a totally enjoyable and hassle free assembly.

Hard Disk Cages

The two cages are removable with these unique drive caddy using sort of a wing-like designed to secure the 3.5 inch drives, so no need to flex the plastic for mounting. There are also SSD compatible with centered mount, so I am happy to see that. Removing cage platform we also get some clearance for 240mm radiator at the bottom so power supply bracket in this scenario would not work. We still get over 200mm with their bottom radiator in place therefore power supply compatibility is not a concern. The front will support a 240mm radiator as there are so much internal clearance so thick radiators for push-pull are welcome.


I was also happy to find the tool box included with the case that conveniently separates all you extra screws and is a much better alternative over a single bag that most cases come with.

Finished Build

It’s no surprise the finished build looks outstanding with roomy internals that screams for some water cooling components to be installed inside. All the cutouts around the motherboard make cabling super-efficient and most importantly clean. Everything at the rear looks as expected as well with cables flushed in the case and tucked away, so if you are for cable management the Enthoo Pro is definitely it.

Modular Chassis

One more thing I like to mention is this modder friendly concept Phanteks have gone ahead with. It allows you to disassemble basically the entire chassis which includes top frame, optical drive bracket, side drive panel and the front frame are all attached with screws and not rivets. This was totally unexpected from my side for a chassis in this price bracket. Huge props Phanteks for trying to introduce such features back into the enthusiast chassis market.

Pros and Cons

To conclude, Enthoo Pro is one impressive product that we got accustomed to missing features on expensive cases and the it doesn’t seem to miss a thing. With outstanding cooling and watercooling options, appropriately sized internals for enthusiast hardware with great cable management, fan hub implementation, the single SSD bracket, 2 dedicated spots for reservoir and totally modular chassis frame for modder friendly endeavours at a super value of just a $100 USD that puts many cases to shame I’m talking to you Antec 1900. The only feature that I think wasn’t entirely thought through was the power supply bracket. Now it sure does the job but it could do a lot more such as additional SSD mounts, extra cutouts for cables and the more open designed to allow airflow if the bottom intake fans are installed.


A few the introduction into the Enthoo line is really important as it highlights the great features don’t have to cost a fortune. This definitely takes top spot for 2014 full towers at the moment. This makes me really excited on the future roadmap for Phanteks as a company. If you’re looking for a future-proof full tower, we strongly recommend this damn good and damn good value case. Share your thoughts on the Enthoo Pro in the comments below, love what you have you think.

Ayumilove Rating

Other 4/5
Warranty (0-1 / 2-3 / 4-5 year) Yes 2/2
Price (150-999, 100-150, 60-100, 0-60) USD $60-100 USD 2/3
Dust Filter 8/10
Coverage (Front, Top, Bottom) Yes 3/3
Mesh Type (None, Foam, Coarse, Fine) Fine 3/3
Removable Filter (Front, Top, Bottom) Front, Top 2/3
Filter Location (within / external) Within 0/1
Chassis 3/4
Weight (10kg and below) 12kg 0/1
Feet Height (20mm and above) 20mm 1/1
Optical Drive Slots (at least 1) 3 1/1
Front IO (covered from dust) Yes 1/1
Clearance 4/4
Motherboard rear (at least 25mm) 27mm 1/1
PSU Clearance (at least 160mm) Yes, 200mm 1/1
Air Cooler (at least 160mm) Yes, 192mm 1/1
Graphic Card (at least 11 inches, 280mm) 13 inches, 330mm 1/1
Features 8/10
PWM fan hub (at least 5 sockets) Included, 6 fan sockets. 1/1
Velcro straps (for cable management) Included 1/1
SSD mount (at least 1) 1, behind motherboard 1/1
Unrestricted air flow (Front, Top, Bottom) Front, Top 2/3
Modular Chassis (screws, no rivets) Yes 1/1
Toolbox (screws sorted) Yes 1/1
PSU shroud (None / Included) Included 1/1
Fan speed controller (None / Included) None 0/1
Drive Cages 7/7
Removable Yes 1/1
Tooless (None, Flexing, No Flexing) No Flexing 2/2
Gap between caddies (above 2cm) Yes 1/1
Compatible (HDD / SSD) Yes for both. 1/1
Mount fan (No / Yes) Yes, 2 x 120mm 1/1
Caddy removable from right (No / Yes) Yes 1/1
Total Score 34/40
Rating (Brnz / Silv / Gold / Plat / Tita) Platinum
Percent (0-30/30-55/55-75/75-90/90-100) 85.00%

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