How to fix Unresponsive Keyboard Buttons to Register Clicks

Hi guys, yesterday I had some issues with my gaming keyboard Gigabyte Aivia K8100. I realized this issue when I was unable to type a few specific letter or numbers such as the keypad 1,2,3 not registering any clicks, semicolon/colon even with the SHIFT button on hold and the letter H. It just puzzles me why some keyboard button being none responsive and I gave up fixing and went to sleep.

Before I retired to bed, I had attempted 2 methods to figure out where the issue lies:
1. Switching different keyboard (Logitech K200) = works perfectly!
2. Switching to different USB Port (Gigabyte Aivia K8100) = previously it works, but now not.

I was thinking of sending it to the shop to get it fixed/RMA, but I recalled that most hardware (computer peripherals) would have drivers automatically installed by Windows Operating System. You know, when you plugged-in a new hardware such as thumbdrive/mouse/keyboard via USB Port, Windows detects it and automatically install the correct drivers? There is a possibility the keyboard driver is causing issues!

This time, I went into the Device Manager provided by Windows and uninstalled (START > RUN > TYPE: “Device Manager”), otherwise using mouse (START > CONTROL PANEL > HARDWARE & SOUND > DEVICE MANAGER – just below Devices and Printers). Click on the + symbol beside the label “Keyboard” to display all installed keyboard drivers. Right-click each item within it and click “Uninstall”. Once you have uninstalled everything within it, unplug your keyboard USB Port, wait for few seconds (5-10 seconds) and replug-in back. You will notice Windows will re-install these keyboard devices again. This solution has fixed my keyboard easily!

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