Demcifilter Case Fan Filter on Fractal Arc Midi Review

Demcifilter_Logo Demcifilter (also known as Demciflex) is a company based in South Africa that focuses on selling high quality ultra fine mesh medical-grade filter for computer intake case fans, gaming console (Xbox/Sony) and radiator. They ship worldwide. The filters are packaged in air-tight plastic wrapper, protected with plastic light white board and placed in a brown parcel/envelope. Currently they sell custom-made fan filter or common ones (square, circle, rectangular, etc) to fit all type of fan sizes or your case intake fans. You can define the filter color either white or black, and different filter frame color (e.g. red, yellow, black, white, etc). For a full list of specs, features, FAQs and more please consult the Demcifilter website (

The computer case that I’m using now is Fractal Arc Midi (version 1 ~ first release) and was looking for a case filter which is easy to clean and quick to be attached. The default Fractal Design foam filters on my case are difficult to clean and dry when using water. Using a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust out wasn’t effective to remove the dust and it also malformed the foam mesh with a bump due to the heavy suction. Therefore, I opted for a magnetic case fan filter that can easily attach to the steel case and steel mesh. While browsing on Google for the best case fan filter (along with Youtube, Amazon, and popular computer forums), a few users recommended Silverstone filter and Demciflex filter. Demciflex company offers a custom-made filter which I find it interesting since this would be much better in terms of covering all possible air-passage for my intake fans, thus less dust.

Therefore, 2 weeks ago, I placed my order for Demciflex aka Demcifilter case fan filters custom-made for Fractal Arc Midi on February 8, 2014 6:31:28 PM (Saturday) and also sent them an e-mail to confirm the Paypal Payment Invoice. One of the Demciflex Sales Department Representative, Ms. Roxanne ([email protected]) replied to me on February 10, 2014 1:18:00 PM (Monday) that they have received my order and currently is processing it. The filters that I purchased was a Fractal Design Arc Midi Dust Filter Kit (Frame Colour Black, Mesh Colour Black) for $49.95. I selected black filter because its easier to see the white dust similarly to my foam filter. It consists of 3 filters (one each for top, front and side panel). The shipment that I selected was “Shipping – SAPO International/ order (10-21 working days)” for $12.35. The delivery item reached me on February 26 2014, approximately 3 weeks. Below is the shipment log.

[South Africa] Date, Location, Event
10.02.2014 15:00, Cape Gate – Accepted from sender
10.02.2014 22:12, Capemail (hub) – Arrived at postal office
11.02.2014 09:12, Jhb Int Mail Centre (hub) – Arrived at postal office
11.02.2014 11:51, Jhb Int Mail Centre (hub) – Arrival at international place of exchange
18.02.2014 14:57, Jhb Int Mail Centre (hub) – Consolidated for export (Export)
26.02.2014 09:28, International – Update item information (My Country)
26.02.2014 17:27, International – Update item information (My Country)

[My Country] Date, Location, Event
11.02.2014 13:50, South Africa – Import (Item arrived at country of destination)
18.02.2014 16:57, South Africa – Send item abroad (Export) to My Country
24.02.2014 10:45, Airport, Arrival at international place of exchange
24.02.2014 10:46, Airport, Awaiting presentation to customs commissioner
25.02.2014 11:57, National Mail Center, Arrived at postal office
25.02.2014 21:55, National Mail Center, Left postal office. State Pos Office
25.02.2014 21:56, National Mail Center, Send item abroad (Export), State Pos Office
26.02.2014 08:35, State Pos Office, Arrived at postal office
26.02.2014 10:39, State Pos Office, Submitted for delivery
26.02.2014 15:06, State Pos Office, Item delivered.

Photo of Demcifilter’s Dust Filter Kit for Fractal Arc Midi

Here are some of the photos that I have taken using my phone camera. Click on the image to view the higher image resolution!

Demcifilter Brown Envelope with Durable White Plastic Board as Protection
In between those 2 white plastic non-flimsy board contains the 3 filters.

Demcifilter Fractal Arc Midi Kit Packaging (3 filters)
1. Fractal Design Arc Midi Front Dust Filter (top left)
2. Fractal Design Arc Midi Side Dust Filter (top right)
3. Fractal Design Arc Midi Top Dust Filter (bottom)

Each filters came in air-tight packaging, very nicely packed.

These filters have magnets built-in on the outer frame. Easily attaches on steel frame and steel mesh even with the plastic packaging on!

Comparison between Fractal Design bottom intake filter (left) vs Demciflex Super Fine Medical Grade Mesh (right). The gaps in Demciflex filter is approximately two-thirds of wide of Fractal Design’s intake filter.

All 3 filters attached on all 3 angles (top, front and side).

Photo Comparison with and without Filter

Click on the image to view the higher image resolution!

Here is an image of the top filter attached on the case, the filter covers 3 x 140mm case fans intakes.

This is the side filter attached on the steel case covering 1 of 140mm or 180mm fan air intake.

This is the front filter attached for 2 x 140mm fan air intakes.

Final Thoughts

I will post up additional information about how these filters perform after a week since my previous Fractal Design foam dust filters are able to catch significant dust after that period of time. Time will tell if these new ultra fine medical filters really does its magic on preventing the tiniest dust while providing smooth air flow for the fans. One thing I noticed after swapping out the foam filter with the ultra fine mesh filter is my system sounds a lot quieter. From what I can tell, the foam filters were kinda close to the fan, ending up choking the air flow, thus putting some strain to the fans itself. After removing the foam filter, it has provided at least 15mm (1.5cm) space between the filter and the fan blades. I wasn’t too sure whether the air was pulled in by the fan. So I have performed some simple tests such as placing a piece of tissue over it. The tissue is pulled by the fan static pressure. Second test was placing my hand dampen with water over the Fractal Design Silent 140mm Fan with Demcifilter. Approximately above 2cm, and I can feel cool smooth but weak air flowing pass my fingers, probably the fans performance decreased by 30 to 40% with the filters on. No glues, Velcro, screw or double-sided tape required for this kit, it just sticks to the steel case and steel grill with magnets, and it does not slip out. Its kinda difficult to remove unless you have finger nails to grip on the bottom of the filter OR you can slide the filter border to the edge to remove them.

Additional Notes

Before removing the case roof, side panel or the front cover, be sure to always remove the attached magnetic filter first on that structure. This is to minimize the risk of it being damaged when rubbed against sharp or rough edges. Such instances occurs when removing and leaning those panel onto something or lying it down on the floor that has dirt, might end up scratching the filter mesh while its still attached.

Photo of Fractal Arc Midi Foam Filter Removed

Only the roof and front has the foam filter which are removed to provide better clearance between the fan and the honeycomb grill. The Demcifilter will be attached on top of the grill so it does not impede much airflow. Notice that the foam filter has this ring of white patches indicating the air being pulled in through those spots.

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